Our Team:

Has expertise in a wide variety of surgical procedures and we use the latest and most appropriate technology to care for you. We have extensive training in Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotic Surgery and cutting-edge vein care. We follow nationally recognized Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocols (ERAS). Together with ERAS and advanced minimally invasive surgery, we help ease your post-operative pain and speed the recovery process. We also hold regular meetings to discuss the latest research publications to evaluate how we can perfect our processes. We regularly perform internal checks and “mystery shopper” calls to make sure we are constantly improving our patient relationships. We understand the burden a procedure or surgery may have on your life and work. We will do everything possible to help you quickly on the course back to health. All of our vein procedures are performed in office under local anesthesia. Usually, you are able to return home or to work the same day. Our expert team will be here for your well-being for as long as you need us.

Core Values

We strive to provide the best care for every patient, as we would for our own family.


EVERY single patient, regardless of age, race, sexual identity, financial ability, disability, language, background, religion, will be treated with the utmost respect.


We use the latest technology that is most appropriate for your care. Every instrument and product used in the clinic has been selected by our surgeons to reflect the best in class.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

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We value our team and work together to achieve the best results for our most important assets: Our patients. Every one of our team members plays a vital role in our success.

Good Citizenship:

Our community is an integral part of who we are and we endeavor to be good citizens. We believe in kindness.


We hold ourselves and one another personally accountable for delivering on our commitments to our patients.